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Your product is manufactured as designed

With production comes the moment of truth, when any single design mistake or development oversight gets magnified a thousand times over. That’s why Erickson Outdoors builds in several fail-safe checkpoints and review procedures that every apparel product must pass through before production begins. It’s like the pilot and co-pilot going through their checklist before the 747 heads down the runway. Only when all systems are “go” can manufacturing begin.

Because we know that what is right for one product may be wrong for another, we search out the best suited sewing factory to handle the scale of your order and its unique requirements. We maintain relationships with a diverse network of excellent sewing factories both inside the U.S. and in Asia that can manufacture clothing that meets our high standards.

Erickson Outdoors - Apparel Design and Manufacturing Process

Download a detailed description of Erickson Outdoors’ Apparel Design and Manufacturing Process
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When we evaluate a sewing contractor we're obviously concerned about what systems they have in place: how they manage their workflow; how they train their employees, how they manage their data and their records. But we also look at the quality of their needlework. How do their garments look? - Mark Erickson
Erickson Outdoors - Technical Apparel Design and Manufacturing