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For over twenty-one years, Erickson Outdoors provided design and manufacturing services to outdoor apparel brands throughout the nation. Our service was unique because we combined three usually separate processes — original design, product development and full-scale apparel production — into one integrated whole. This was particularly attractive to small and medium-sized companies without design and production staffs of their own. By managing their projects through this often-complicated maze, we gained our clients’ trust and built a successful business. By 2011 we had grown to a team of 25 designers, pattern makers, seamstresses and production managers.

Meanwhile our customers were growing too. Predictably, and with our help, they began to build their own design and production infrastructures, internalizing many of the services we’d been providing. It was a little like raising a child to be independent, then watching her move away from home.

Our customers were evolving, and so were we. Loving our time spent in the outdoor industry yet eager for new challenges, we determined that Erickson Outdoors would no longer maintain a full-scale design and production staff, but would rather become a repository of our past experience and know-how, as well as a vehicle for new creative and professional interests.

Today we hope to share all that we’ve learned so far, and to collaborate with those wanting to design and produce useful things in a responsible manner.
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